>Potato Monster

About Me

I am a potato monster who loves french fries, potatoes, sweet potatoes, potato wedges, stir fried potatoes, baked potatoes, potato soup, waffle-cut fries, potato chips, cubed potatoes, sliced potatoes, chopped potatoes, mashed potatoes, and potato potatoes. And no, it's not cannibalism.

My name is Dennis and I enjoy learning things. Most recently, I became fascinated with the muscle pass with a coin and I have yet to figure out a rubik's cube. I have almost been driven insane by graphql making this website, and web dev is honestly a whole new world that I'm not too sure I want to spend too much time exploring.

My focus is on cyber security, and I enjoy a broad swath of topics from Linux to networking, with a sprinkle of Docker and vim on top.